The AllHumanity Organization





We reach for new heights in order to enable and advance world understanding, goodwill, and peace through the improvement of health, the support of education, inclusive gender equality, environmental responsibility, industry innovation and the alleviation of poverty. AllHumanity Group utilizes the UN Global Goals (SDGs) as our blueprint for sustainable development and advancements. 

Through the strong collective global networks that AllHumanity Group manage, we are able to identify needs and carry out the Global AHG Mission. We rely on strategic alliances (private-public partnerships) corporate global engagement and pragmatic implementation of humanitarian projects with multiple organizations within the United Nations, academia, medical communities, environmental and climate sectors, secular and non-secular sectors corporate private sector and multiple NGO teams that have the knowledge and infrastructure to extend our reach.  

We create logical relationships to develop humanitarian projects from inception to completion. As each project makes its journey from "the next great idea" to "identification of willing and able partners/participants" to "managing expectations, extreme vetting and comprehensive contracting", AllHumanity Group manages the multiple transactional aspects as a whole and complete process with its many transaction elements.  AHG maintains the balances between the achievable and inconceivable.

AllHumanity Group matches socially committed major corporation in its membership with the needs of the United Nations, governments, private stakeholder, academia, NGOs, IGOs and humanitarian nonprofit organizations on a transparent win-win basis.  

AllHumanity Group believes that pragmatic business partnerships are the very foundation of a robust social philanthropy relationship between countries, international business concerns, and the creative humanitarian sector members.  In order for there to be plentiful support for charitable advancements together, there should be a foundational corporate business exchange.  

This is the AllHumanity Global Handshake