The AllHumanity Technology Sector

Our UN-endorsed objective is to reach 2 billion people with SDG awareness, education and metric-driven assessment by creating a global state-of-the-art VR and communication technology/media infrastructure with a vision of reaching a good portion of the world in a very short time frame. Humanity and the environment are facing great challenges and this unique moment is a defining moment that can shape the world for the positive or negative.  

We are motivated to assist the UN and individual governments with concrete initiatives that will positively affect individual lives and the human/global condition.  The humanitarian technology infrastructure will immediately serve in empowering a network of UN leaders, business leaders, universities, celebrities, NGOs, and other humanitarian donors – an infrastructure investment that will have an exponential return when directed to future initiatives, programs, events, training, and global awareness campaigns.

 AllHumanity Group’s mission is to serve humanity within the context of accelerating corporate and global adoption of the SDGs. When appropriate, AllHumanity Group will serve as a liaison to international technology companies and provide project updates, detailed implementation objectives and provide ITC's with various opportunities to extend their brand in media associated with the impressive achievements resulting from this consortium.

To accomplish our focused objectives of global SDG awareness, education and metric-driven assessment a series of coordinated actions are required to fully deploy a state-of-the-art vital technology/media infrastructure.


Implement Practical VR/AR For Humanitarian Initiatives 

Practical VR/AR is defined as applications with measurable benefits in presenting humanitarian initiatives for the purpose of increasing awareness of a particular group/cultural/global need. For example, making aware to the general population or specific organizations the needs of a particular group for food and shelter, medical care, education, effective implementation of sustainable development goals and economic development.  Practical VR/AR is further defined as enabling people at separate global locations to collaborate as if being present with one another and thereby permit increased productivity in cultural exchanges, training and problem solving. For example, a subject matter expert provides training to students in another country on best practices for implementing a SDG awareness program.



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