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The AllHumanity Network is a humanitarian social network created and owned by AllHumanity, LLC.  It was developed by AllHumanity to create a safe harbor for humanitarians, mission workers, disaster relief aid teams, non-profits, charities and "pay it forward" friends globally.

With AHN blogging, humanity hubs and various humanitarian consortium's, visitors and members can find what they are looking for at The AllHumanity Network.

AllHumanity Group was formed by Robert J. Cipriano in response to witnessing how non-profits, NGO's, charities, faith-based missions and humanitarians were struggling with sustainable solutions and accountability in their work and missions.  

Robert J. Cipriano believe that through the advancement and implementing of technology into the globally humanitarian sector, everyone has a chance to change the world together in a transparent, connected and accountable manner.

AllHumanity Group is the nexus of all things humanitarian in multiple public and private sector arenas.  As we at AllHumanity move forward "together" as a unified team, a single heart beat, we hear the cries of the poor, the homeless, the sick, the afraid, the hurting. As a collective ear we can stand at attention and know, without doubt, that, as a group, as a team, we will be the answer and many answers to come. 

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