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AllHumanity Institute opens in USA with SDG Incubator plans

The AllHumanity Institute SDH Hubs are designed for educational institutions seeking to align with the SDGs and create sustainable relationships with governments, nonprofits, international concerns and humanitarian projects builders. Services include:
Project Intake, Review, Alignment, Steering & Vetting
Project selection process
Consortium Building – Building Consortiums for every type of sustainability project which deliver humanitarian results.
Partner Engagement – Identifying, vetting, engaging, contracting and management of Partners
Project Funding – Identifying proper financial model for projects and consortium building to deliver proper and acceptable funding to projects (Donor, Corporate SDG Global Compliance Investments/Grants, ICO Blockchain funding) and any and all other transparent – accountable financial model structures.
Transactional Management – Co-Oversight Management of each step of each transaction to assure alignment with project goals and deliverables
Project Management – Co-General oversight of projects to assure timeline compliance and acceptable deliverables.
Measuring & Indexing Results & Media Reporting – Cooperation with outside “third-party” audits and examiners to assure transparent measurement of impact, results and achieved outcomes.
Future Oversight and Reporting on Deliverables – Continued oversight and audits to assure planned outcomes and reporting deviation from expected outcomes.

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