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Unify Earth Joins AllHumanity Group to Humanize The Blockchain

Create Smarter Blockchain Applications

Borderless, smart, secure, distributed applications for ecommerce, real estate, education, events, travel…if you can dream it, you can build it on the most powerful, most secure blockchain in the world.

Launch Your ICO

Unify Earth® has built our own network from the ground up that is quicker than Lightning® and Electrum® networks. UEX® transactions clear instantly and performance remains optimum even under heavy volume. Launch your ICO with our advanced technology.

Exchange Real Assets, Goods & Services Globally

Become part of our international network of exchanges and payment systems, bringing the world’s resources, goods and services to the people. We also invite non-profit and philanthropic organizations to join us.

Programmable HTML5 Wallet

Our 5.0 wallet is fully programmable by our developers, with a built-in block explorer and HTML5 compliant scripting language. Imagine your application and content running right inside the wallet.


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