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Dr. Craig Savin Joins The AllHumanity Group

Dr. Craig Savin joined The AllHumanity Group in early September 2017 as Executive Secretary and Chief of Staff. "Dr. Craig M. Savin is a fascinating man. He has been 20K feet up Mount Everest, worked as a forensic odontologist after Hurricane Katrina, was a founding member of Homeland Security, worked in private practice with his brother, and presented to NASA and Japanese astronauts important information about the future of dentistry in space." said AllHumanity CEO, Robert J. Cipriano. Dr. Savin's motto is "through adversity comes opportunity." Ironically, this was his motto even before his unplanned career change after 22 years in private practice. He is still reinventing himself and want to make an impact by helping people live better lives.

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