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Kit Nease Joins The AllHumanity Group

Kathrina (Kit) Nease accepted a Senior Advisory position with AllHumanity Group this week.

Kathrina served as the USDA Regional Representative for the United States to Central America. Kathrina’s career with International Development and Public Health Services has spanned more than 35 years, including international service in Africa, Asia, Latin America, and the Middle East. Trained as a structural engineer in addition to holding an MS in Public Health Services, Kathrina spent a decade working as a Project Executive for Homeland Security. In 2010, she became a UNGM vendor which took her to serve as a WHO/AEMRN Project Consultant for Mobile Medical Facilities in East Africa and Sierra Leon. She is a member of the African European Medical Group with field operations in Africa as well as several years aligned with the organization’s headquarters in Geneva, where she served as Consultant for Mobile Medical Clinics through her company SHELTER+. Subsequently, she served as CEO for UNGM Vendor for ProVisio, an international Consulting firm that supports large expeditionary services to International Disasters. Ms. Nease has nearly 40 years of combined experience with International Disaster Response, emergency management response, critical resiliency and recovery strategy, funding and organizational development, security planning, grant life-cycle management, facilities and infrastructure standards, community healthcare, affordable housing, and community diversification. She has held leadership and project management positions for cities and municipalities, corporations, and the White House. After Hurricane Sandy, she was presented with a public service award for her work for DHS/FEMA in NJ/USA. For the past ten years, she has dedicated her consultation services to the areas of disaster management, funding and acquisitions, business and economic development, and financial structure analysis for profit and non-profit organizations. She is a highly sought after businesswoman who is well known for her accuracy and standardization of reporting, federal structure of businesses, and human capital management. She has spearheaded operations to develop an emergency disaster and mitigation system (EDAMS™) to assist cities in tracking critical assets in real-time during a disaster event.

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