The AllHumanity Group

Transparency / Accountability / Connectivity


What We Do

AllHumanity Group creates consortium's, teams and partnerships across multiple non-profit, for-profit, educational, governmental and international sectors to increase the impact of humanitarian aid to the hurting world.  We do this by linking otherwise unconnected professionals and humanitarians players with proper deal structuring, transaction management and completions guarantees, in order to professionally increase humanitarian aid.  Much of AllHumanity Group's work includes high tech integration at ground level communication and training hot spots. 

Our Values 
Think big, fact based
Have beliefs, and act upon them
Be agile

Lead by example
Be challenging to others and accept the challenges
Connect to, and foster operational excellence
Partner with the best in each field

Be accountable for our decisions at all times
Be Open & Dialogue on all matters

Never cut corners
Act ethically and responsibly, treat others with respect
Be a good partner to our partners
No politics

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