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About The AllHumanity Group

AllHumanity Group, is at the nexus of all things humanitarian between NGO's (non-governmental organizations), IGO'S (international governmental organizations) and the charitable/non-profit global mega communities on a single platform providing transparency and accountability in donor fund management, grant management, humanitarian processes and logistics, technology implementation & introduction, humanitarian social networking and unique content gathering & presentation as it pertains to providing humanitarian relief globally. 

Integration as the AllHumanity Group Hybrid Ideal

The organizations of the commercial and social sectors has long been governed by an assumption of independence between commercial revenue and social value creation. For more than a century, activities necessary to create commercial revenue, it was assumed, could not substantially affect or improve on social welfare, and vice versa. Thus most organizations that sought to pursue social value and commercial revenue simultaneously pursued differentiated strategies.

For instance, corporate philanthropy programs were viewed as a non business activity and were conducted at arm’s length from corporations’ core activities. On the other hand, many nonprofit organizations attempted to sell products or services, creating revenue streams to reduce dependence on philanthropic and public funders. Yet earned income programs, often unrelated to the core activities of nonprofits, did not always live up to expectations.

Today it is clear that the independence of social value and commercial revenue creation is a myth. In reality, the vectors of social value and commercial revenue creation can reinforce and undermine each other. The social consequences of the recent financial crisis demonstrated with great clarity the danger of “negative externalities”—social costs resulting from corporate profit-seeking activities. But in some cases, “positive externalities” may also exist. It is this possibility that integrated hybrid models seek to exploit.

When we talk to entrepreneurs and students about hybrid organizations, a common theme that emerges is what we call the “hybrid ideal.” This hypothetical organization is fully integrated—everything it does produces both social value and commercial revenue. This vision has at least two powerful features. In the hybrid ideal, managers do not face a choice between mission and profit, because these aims are integrated in the same strategy. More important, the integration of social and commercial value creation enables a virtuous cycle of profit and reinvestment in the social mission that builds large-scale solutions to social problems.

The AllHumanity Group operates as a hybrid humanitarian consortium and cooperation whose primary mission and goal is to create partnerships internationally for the following purposes:

Economic and Social
Business and Industry
Cooperative Accountability
Economic and Finance
Humanitarian Affairs
Industrial Development
Private Sector
Science and Technology
Social Development
United Nations Funding


Financing for Development 
Addressing systemic issues
Increasing Financial and technical cooperation for development
Mobilizing domestic financial resources for development
Mobilizing international resources for development


Gender Issues and Advancement of Women 
Capacity Building
Education and training of women
Information and communication technologies


International migration
Population structure


Public Administration 
Ethics, Transparency and Accountability
Knowledge Systems and E-government
Public Service and Management Innovation


Social Development 
Information and Communications Technologies


Development indicators


Sustainable Development 
Consumption and production patterns
Disaster management and vulnerability
Gender equality
Industrial development
Institutional arrangements


Peace and Development in Africa 
Development in Africa
Peace in Africa


Conflict Resolution in Africa 
Conflict Resolution


Millennium Development Goals /SDGs
Develop global partnerships for development
Reduce child mortality
Eradicate extreme poverty and hunger
Combat HIV/AIDS, malaria and other diseases
Achieve universal primary education



The Management at AllHumanity Group is experienced and compassionate which permits us to apply processes and protocols to each project while never losing sight of our primary goal which is to enhance humanitarian impact which directly helps people in crisis globally.  

Since 1993, Robert J. Cipriano has been working to develop the science of humanitarian aid and logistics. AllHumanity Group strives to increase the capacity of humanitarian actors to respond effectively to the growing number of major disasters impacting the world today by finding solutions to management challenges affecting humanitarian organisations.

Facilitating cross-learning between those currently engaged in humanitarian action (humanitarian organisations, private-sector, governments, donors, military etc.) AllHumanity Group works to identify and transfer best practices from the private sector to humanitarian sector groups, organizations and non-profits operating in a volatile world.



The Team at AllHumanity Group is a combination of Executive Management, Country Directors and Humanitarian Advisers who work together to manage and deliver the very finest in humanitarian oversight and aid around the world.

AllHumanity Group prides itself on creating effective teams with scopes of responsibility divided from the bottom up, rather than the top down.  Every voice is equal and each idea is vetted for maximum opportunity exposure.

We could not do the work we do without the commitment of our AllHumanity Crew, who bring with them an amazing breadth of skills and experience and have dedicated themselves to achieving positive outcomes for humanity.

Please take a moment and meet our team at AllHumanity Group Team