The AllHumanity Organization


AllHumanity Humanitarian Blockchain

Humanizing the Blockchain™ 
UNIFY Earth is a Strategic Alliance with AllHumanity Group Holdings Provide The Most Innovative Humanitarian Blockchain on Earth.

Global Adoption

Designed as a universal payment rail, Unify Earth® Network in 2018 finally combines the speed and efficiency of state-of-the-art technologies with the original vision of the blockchain.

  • Fast Enough for Daily Small Purchases
  • Enough Coins for Everyone in the World
  • Localization for Social and Governance

Vertical Integration

The UEX® Coin is programmable currency designed to facilitate any transaction model worldwide.

  • Corporate Payroll
  • Asset Management
  • Consumer Services
  • Beneficiary Dispensation
  • Automated Remittance
  • Settlement Clearing

Financial Empowerment

Economic sovereignty assures independence from political and financial instability, and exorbitant fees, duties and mark-ups.

  • Crosses Borders
  • Convert to Fiat or Gold
  • Global Inclusion
  • Peer-to-peer Efficiency
  • Advanced Wallet Functions
  • Unequaled Securitization
  • Adaptive Intelligent Mining™


It’s Faster

Unify Earth® has built our own network from the ground-up that is quicker than Lightning® and Electrum® networks. UEX® transactions clear instantly and performance remains optimum even under heavy volume.


It’s Bigger
UEX® transactions include a larger information payload for infinite powerchains and sidechains, and smarter contracts using an On-chain Scripting Language with new powerful commands.

It’s Greener

Mining on our harmonic algorithm uses half the energy, conserving natural resources and extending processor life, while our new and proprietary Adaptive Intelligent Mining™ system governs mining fairness across all devices.

It’s Benevolent

The mission of Unify Earth® is to end poverty and lift up humanity worldwide through one sovereign, empowering, fair and inclusive system of exchange. We lead with values first, and support the United Nations’ SDGs.

Why Unify Earth & AllHumanity Group Humanitarian Blockchain?

With Blockchain 3.0, Unify Earth® offers greater end-to-end security, smarter contracts and enhanced mining efficiencies while reducing power consumption by at least 50 percent.